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One of the best upgrades for reliability and throttle response for the banshee is the 2 to 1 carb kit. As an added bonus, it really cleans up the appearance of the motor and makes it extremely easy to tune and jet. I have also purchased an adjustable timing plate(dummy proof), the stage 4 heads, which make the cylinders run 20% cooler than the competitor's JUNK and the stage 4 pipes which give you a very strong mid range and very exciting top end. All the parts that I have purchased have been top notch quality and performance! With each part I received very helpful step by step instructions that were easy to follow. The customer service I received throughout this upgrade process was above and beyond and I'm very excited for my next step which is for Harry to do a port job and build our race engines!! I highly recommend McDermott Racing to everyone!

Chris Rose, Texas

Stage V Head
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Banshee dual carb kit

Out Billet Head flows water in the proper direction forcing water down the cylinders which pulls the heat from them, contrary to most aftermarket heads were the water is just shot across the head and out.   Also are Head does not require you to change the studs instead we supply special head nuts that reach down to the stock studs making installation much easier.

Our Dome cooling surface area is 5 times that of most other aftermarket head domes, More surface area= More Head dispersion.

Our 2 into 1 carb system is our #1 seller for a very simple reason: IT WORKS AWESOME !! 


IAirbox Adapter

Thats right,you can keep your airbox with our system if you like.

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