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CV Carburator System  ( CV = Constant Velocity )


The Single Carb System has been one of our top sellers for over a decade, why? Because it works!!

A two stroke engine intakes 90% of its induction on the upstroke, so here’s how it works in its simplest form:

The pistons upstroke creates a vacuum which opens the reeds and pulls air through the carburetor which in turn pulls fuel from the float bowl, BAMB! You have Air/Fuel!

When the piston reaches top dead center it then starts its power stroke, this causes a positive pressure under the

piston which closes the reads. This also cuts the carburetion off.

Now here is the magic, the Banshee pistons are 180 degrees apart, which means when one piston is at TDC (top dead center ) the other piston is at BDC  (bottom Dead Center) Which means for the most part when one set of reeds are open the other set is closed. That means that we are feeding 175cc  ( Half of our 350 ) with 35mm of carburetor, which is awesome. * Simple is SOOO nice *



                                                                        * 1 carburetor to jet

                                                 * easy pull single cable thumb throttle

                                                 * Great bottom end

                                                 * Great top end

                                                 * Clean new look


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