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Play or Race


We have been porting Banshee since the day they where born!


Stage II    Ultamit play bike Port

Stage III   Play / Race

Stage IV   Drag Porting

Pro MX     Motor Cross also geat Duner

Pro TT      TT Race Port



Our Porting is designed for a particular

Customer and application, this is why always ask

You four questions before we port or

build your two stroke.


1 * How much do you weight?

    This is how we know where you need power: a 200lb rider has different  

     requirements then a 100lb rider

2 * What kind of riding do you do?

    This is to insure that we are giving you the right porting that will develop

     the power needed for your application.

3 * What elevation do you ride at?

    Elevation changes compression and to insure we give you the proper    

    compression we need to know this factor.

4 * What kind of gas are you going to be using all the time.

     This will determine what compression we can give you.      

Call for pricing

909 373 1462

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