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RZR 800



Great job on building my 800 motor.  The 820 kit, porting, oversize valves, cam, and clutch worked great together with the new sand tires.  Great throttle response and good grunt coming out of turns.  Got it out to Glamis this weekend and kept having to let the 900 and 1000cc RZR'S get away so I could have some fun catching back up to them.  Didn't want to hurt their feelings by passing them in an 800.  With the combination of the added power and the small light car I could have passed them in the dunes no problem. Lol.  They still got me climbing Olds though.  Thanks for the awesome work.

820 Kits

Shown with pinned crank

Porting with Big Valve options

We have a head and cylinder exchange program which gets parts to you FAST !

Piston Kits

JE   CP   Wiseco

Web Racing Camshafts

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