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Cheetah Racing Cylinders  400cc to 535cc

We were and still are the experts on the Cheetah Power Valve systems.

Cheetah Cylinders make the most horsepower with the widest powerband of any aftermarket setup PERIOD. The Cheetah 535cc is putting out a minimum of 125 horsepower GAURANTEED! Without Nitrous! Never before has so much race technology gone into a motor for such a modest price. Your new Cheetah Banshee includes:

  • American Made Quality

  • Unmatched performance due to State of the Art port designs including: -- 3 high volume transfer tunnels per side.- 2 rear boost transfer ports.- 3 exhaust ports with a variable height exhaust valve (POWERVALVE).- Large volume 6 pedal reed valves for maximizing intake flow.- 2 intake ports with bridged center piston support.- 2 Boyesen ports for added intake flow.- Monoblock design for added strength and reliability.Giving you a total of 13 ports per cylinder making it a 26 port Monoblock Cylinder Design!

  • Increased Cooling efficiency from superior water passages and flow characteristics.- Water jackets completely surrounding the exhaust passages.- Water jackets completely surrounding the variable height exhaust Powervalve.- Water flows under the exhaust to the case, giving you the highest quality cooling for your Banshee.

  • Complete O-Ring head, with correct water flow.

  • Nickle-Sil cylinder walls save weight, dissapated heat, and increase reliability.

  • "Bolt-on Performance" in several displacement ranges:- 54mm and 58mm strokes available as a bolt-on kit.- No case grinding or filling required.- No case stud removal required (no more broken case studs to have machined out).- Will accept your existing stroker cranks with several different displacements available.


Need your cheetah rebuilt?

Need your Power Valves rebuilt?

We are THE place for all of your Cheetah needs.

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